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Mikkel Sørensen

Mikkel Sørensen

Head Geek & Cloud Solution Architect

Mikkel is a Solutions Architect based in Copenhagen, Denmark and the founder of virtual-it. With almost 20 years in the IT field, Mikkel is an experienced professional, with skills in server virtualisation and cloud computing. Mikkel holds several leading industry certifications in project management, enterprise architecture, Microsoft tecnologies and Amazon Web Services.

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what we do

virtual-it provides it architecture capabilities and services to our customers in the financial services and pharmaceutical industries.


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“Have enjoyed working with Mikkel for many years. With his good sense of humor, he always has a good effect on team spirit and he is easy to work with. Mikkel has a lot of passion for technology and is always interested in learning new technical areas. February 26, 2015, Keld Holmgaard worked directly with Mikkel at Avanade”

“I had the pleasure of working with Mikkel Sørensen and i would like to recommend him. Mikkel has a great passion for Microsoft technology and likes to explore new technical areas. I enjoyed having him as part of my team. Mikkel is hardworking and contributes with good technical input. Mikkel also has a good effect on the team spirit because of his sense of humor and positive attitude.October 30, 2015, Rene Kanstrup managed Mikkel at Avanade”

“Mikkel did an exceptional job on the Nordeas Phoenix project. He’s ready to deal with difficult situations and solve various problems on time. Mikkel is an eager IT architect, always ready to put all his energy and stamina to get the job done. It was a pleasure to work together with Mikkel, who is a reliable, friendly, multi-skilled and multi-tasking IT architect. Claes Löfmark, Project Manager at Nordea. March 14, 2016, Claes managed Mikkel at Nordea ”

“Mikkel's passion for technology is an inspiration to me and many. He is an experienced professional who has the ability to promote professional & personal development amongst colleagues. Mikkel is a very dedicated and outstanding individual with a unique sense of humour. He brings so much positive energy to projects, which paves the way for success. February 1, 2014, Davids worked with Mikkel at Avanade”

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København, Danmark